Delegate MORE Micromanage less: Little known benefits of empowering your team

Micromanaging is damaging to your team and company, but so is a hands-off approach to leadership. So, how do you find the middle ground? We must shift away from both nasty habits and practice empowering our employees.

Why should you choose to delegate even if you feel like micromanaging?

  • Micromanaging wastes time that you could use to build a vision for your team.
  • It reduces job satisfaction and employee motivation.
  • Micromanagement lowers creativity and efficiency in your staff.

What are the benefits of delegating?

Empower and motivate

Processes and employees are in place for a reason. You disrespect the people and processes when you overstep as a manager and suffocate your team while completing a project.

Save yourself and your team time by allowing them to do their job—only step in when it is essential. This trust will empower and motivate your team. Also, it will enable your team to learn from their mistakes and have the creative space to build their own protocols that draw out their strengths. You may find that the new way is even better!

Gain more time in your day

If you’ve hired a new developer with lots of experience, don’t undermine her expertise by telling her how to do her job. By doing this, you not only waste your time, but you also waste your talented developer’s time.

Set forth clear expectations and then follow up. If a worker has a question or needs help, it is okay to step in and manage a situation. Otherwise, continue to trust your employee.

Be humble

Part of being an exceptional boss is leaning on your team’s capabilities and simply allowing them to do their job. You’ve hired professionals for a reason. Don’t be afraid to let your employees outshine you in their area of expertise. Your job is to take all the puzzle pieces and put them in the right places to create the big picture. To do this, guide more and do less. Having humility and delegating without micromanaging is the goal of any influential leader.

Wondering if you might be a micromanager?

Click here to read 25 Signs of a Micromanager on Indeed or Micromanagers: Signs, Causes, Solutions by Gallop.

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